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Soggy Donkey Copper Mug

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Custom Hammered 16 oz 100% Solid Copper Mug with Brass Handle

Enjoy a nice cold Painkiller or Soggy Dollar Rum Moscow Mule in these kick A$$ mugs! Check out the matching Hammered Copper Cocktail Shaker-- Shake it up!

The mugs are made of solid copper with a brass handle, known to purify liquids and keep beverages ice cold. The addition of a hammered finish also helps to keep the drink chilled, as the divots in the copper helps to distribute the heat from external sources around the mug more evenly.  Mugs manufactured with a food-grade lacquer to prevent tarnishing and ensure a lasting, rustic elegance for years to come.

Copper should be cleaned using a mild dish soap and warm water & hand dried with soft cloth to maintain their quality.

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